Monday, June 29, 2015


Hi... so I know that I haven't posted in 5 months and I'm very sorry about that. I will be posting daily for now on.

Monday, December 8, 2014


Today I'm going to make a new series! This series is going to be about Greek gods and Greek characters in myths. So its basically a way of learning about greek myths in a interesting and you don't have to read any books. So to start off the series I'm going to do my favorite God/Goddess APHRODITE. Just so you know all the information that I get is from the series OLYMPIANS by George O'Conner.
 To start off APHRODITE is the Goddess of love and beauty. She is married to ZEUS and HERA's son HEPHAESTUS. Though the fact that APHRODITE is married she has a common love interest known as ARES god of war. APHRODITE has a son by the name of EROS (II) better known as Cupid. APHRODITE once was EROS(I) who was the power of love when GAEA was still young. But when KRONOS cut away where EROS(I) had settled while GAEA wasn't looking. EROS(I) fell into the ocean and it frothed and seethed until one day she gave herself perfectly formed body when she sensed that there were many gods. When she finally got skin she walked to the nearest island named . The waters on APHRODITE didn't want to leave her so it became beautiful sparkling silks in the form of a dress. On  the three charities became the sort of BFF's of APHRODITE.APHRODITE is very hated by the other goddess's. Mostly because she slightly insults them and is always trying to win over the men. APHRODITE has the ability to suduce someone until they are in sort of a trance which is a big plus for her. She also has the power to make someone in love so much that they will do anything for her and stay out of her way.
 APHRODITE is my favorite goddess because she is very strong and so cool. She's very pretty and has awesome abilities. Bye everyone!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Me 2013

I have for you today an amazing slide show. To start the slide you click on the screen and then it will start up. To move to the next slide just click on the screen. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Testing Season Is Upon Us

Okay. Today I'm going to write about testing season. Yes I know testing season is over but I just thought I would write about testing season  and how it went, how I felt and all that stuff. So i was given         questions about testing season and I'm gonna answer those thing up.

1. Do we need to have formal assessment for students?
I think for some we should have it be formal assessments. For example a test that the state or continent is taking it should definitely be formal.
2. If we didn't have formal tests, how can we evaluate what students have learned?
I think you can evaluate what they have learned by having a sort of check up thing at the end of each year to see what they have learned. Like for example ask the student a math equation. First start with simple math equations like 7x2. Then ask harder math equations like 9x12.Simple right?
3.Do we need 3 days for each test? Can we demonstrate learning in fewer days?
I think you should have 3 days for each test because for the writing ELAs there was 3 parts for it so 3 days for 3 parts. For that learning thing you aren't learning during testing season the whole point is you have to know the stuff to complete the test.
4. What about other subject areas? Is social studies/history not important because we don't have a test on it?
I think social studies/ history still is important because I think it's important that kids know the history of where they live. Like all the wars that happened in the world. Also important people in history. All those thing to me are important to learn.
5. Your overall thoughts on the 2 weeks of ELA& Math testing and how you feel about it as a student.
I think of testing season as a thing that's very mandatory to do to see what student's have learned over the year. I think of it as " The thing you now have to do every year from now on"

Alright guys. I hope you like that post as much as I did making it. It was really fun just putting my overall thoughts on testing season and answering these very good questions.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hawaiian Vocab!

Hello everyone! Recently my class and I have been commenting on a Hawaiian 5th grade class blog. We also have been receiving comments from them. They are called 5BFish. Their class have sent us a tweets that have Hawaiian vocabulary on them. I'm very glad that they did that because every time I go on their class blog they have a little bit of Hawaiian words that I can't understand. Although they usually have the translation one of the guest bloggers posts had some Hawaiian words and it didn't have the translation. So just in case you go to their blog here are a few Hawaiian words so you don,'t get confused.

       No Problem!: A'ole Piliki'a

       Have A Great Day!: I la maika'i!

Here is the address to 5BFish's blog in case you wanted to check out their amazing blog. They are inspirational, funny, and great students. So now that you're done reading that long intro I hope that you will "Dive into 5BFish bowl". Once you see the blog you'll understand that joke.

Sadly now their out of school now. Sorry.